A Seminar for Young Latter-day Saints in Europe

Seminar Overview

What is your past and your future, as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe? How will you be affected by the ever-accelerating social, economic, demographic, and technological changes that seem to be affecting every aspect of our existence? The opportunities created by such change are almost limitless, especially for those who believe in the gift of their own agency and the power to shape a historic future in their own image.
Making history, however, means learning from the past, considering the present, and preparing for the future. What is the legacy of the Latter-day Saint communities and members in Central, Eastern, and South-Eastern Europe? Where are they now and where are they headed? As “New Saints in New Lands,” what can we do to build on that legacy and set the stage for future generations? Are we prepared both to navigate the past and face the future, by equipping ourselves to embrace change and engage vigorously with the world around us? These questions present challenges for many Latter-day Saints in Europe and require thoughtful and deliberate attention.
These are also some of the questions we will address at this year’s Euroseminar organized near Prague, Czech Republic. This Euroseminar, as with past ones in London and Buenos Aires, will seek to give a group of young Latter-day Saints from Central, Eastern, and South-Eastern Europe, a rigorous but intimate setting in which to consider the implications of their faith for themselves, for the church, and for the society in which they live. We invite participation by intellectually active Latter-day Saint young people — roughly from 25 to 35 years of age — from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Greece, from all backgrounds, including students (undergraduate and graduate), aspiring scholars, and young professionals.
The seminar will be highly interactive and will involve close discussion with senior Latter-day Saint scholars and professionals from Europe and the United States. It requires English-language fluency and readiness to read sophisticated preparatory material. It will appeal to those who desire to work with fellow Latter-day Saints on a sustained basis to engage the increasingly complex world around them. The seminar will be held 3-6 July 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic, and is co-sponsored by BYU’s Wheatley Institution and the Stirling Foundation. Housing and meals will be provided at no cost to seminar participants. Limited funds are available, on application, to help cover travel costs to Prague.