LDS EuroSeminar 2017

We are pleased to announce that the first-ever LDS EuroSeminar took place at the BYU London Centre December 8-10, 2016. The seminar was an enthusiastic success, and well fulfilled its aim of enabling young Latter-day Saints from Europe to meet in an intellectually stimulating climate and explore together how religious faith can be an active part of living in European society.

The seminar’s forty participants, who came from 18 countries and from a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds, shared an extraordinary experience. Three panels (made up of LDS scholars and professionals from Europe, BYU faculty, and guest lecturers) combined to give an in-depth perspective on Mormons who are actively engaged in European society and earnestly believe in the life of the mind and the life of the Spirit. The tone for the seminar was set by two keynote speakers, Elder Paul V. Johnson of the LDS Europe Area Presidency and noted LDS scholar Dr. Terryl Givens. [See program below for details.]

Much of the seminar’s energy came from small-group sessions that took place each day. Discussion was led by seminar participants, and centered first on panel presentations. On the last day, participants formed new groups for discussion of common interests that emerged at the seminar and presented the results of their discussions. Topics ranged from how to develop outlets for academic expression by young European LDS scholars to finding ways to build awareness of and responsiveness to European culture and local LDS history. There was wide support for building a network to connect European Latter-day Saints interested in public affairs.

We deeply appreciate the widespread interest that Latter-day Saints in Europe have shown in the LDS EuroSeminar. We encourage you to explore this website for more details about the seminar, and to delve into the readings at the ‘Seminar Readings’ tab. Seminar participants found them very helpful in preparing for their interaction together. We also encourage you to become involved in the network that is being built for young LDS people in Europe. If you are interested in this or any other aspect of the seminar, please send us an email at:


The London EuroSeminar Organizers